Artificial Grass Installation In Malibu CA

Artificial Turf For Your Malibu Home

Malibu, California has the perfect climate conditions to enjoy outdoor activities throughout the year. The problem is that real grass can die out during the winter months and the yard can look sparse. Artificial grass can solve the problem and provide several benefits for homeowners. We install putting greens, fake grass for your backyard and front yards.


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Designated Spaces
Fake grass is the perfect solution for designating spaces for different activities in the yard. Homeowners have the opportunity to create putting greens, a pet turf or play areas for young children. Synthetic grass is versatile and can focus on the activities a homeowner or family enjoys.

Low Maintenance
After the artificial grass installers finish putting in the new grass, homeowners will have limited maintenance. Fake grass is not hard to maintain because it is not a living plant. It will only need occasional cleaning to maintain the crisp and green appearance.

Low Cost
Since we offer Malibu residents wholesale prices, the cost of the artificial turf is low. We also offer professional installation when the grass is purchased, so residents in Malibu do not need to worry about additional installation charges. The cost of installation and the fake grass is much lower than constantly replacing the grass that dies out each year. It is a one-time cost that will last for years.

Reduced Allergic Reactions
Real grass will produce pollens that cause seasonal allergies. By replacing the old grass with synthetic grass, the allergic reactions will occur less frequently. Depending on the severity of an allergy to grass pollen, the impact of replacing the grass will vary.

Replacing the existing grass in a yard with wholesale turf will provide many benefits to homeowners. After the installation is complete, the turf is low maintenance and will last for several years. It is a simple solution to hours of mowing the lawn or replacing the grass that dies out.