Have A Beautiful Lawn With Artificial Grass Turf in Beverly Hills

Artificial Turf Beverly Hills

Each summer, Beverly Hills residents fight to keep their lawns alive during the water restrictions imposed due to drought conditions. Yet foot traffic, rough play from kids and running pets can further damage the lawn leaving rough brown patches and bare spots. Constantly buying real sod or grass seeds to place in the damaged areas simply takes too much time and maintenance that you can’t do yourself because of your busy schedule. Even when you fix the problem spots, other areas begin to turn brown and suffer from numerous issues such as lawn pests, overwatering, too little or too much fertilizer, not enough water or other problems.

Don’t give up on your Beverly Hills lawn. Take the smart route and have artificial grass installed.

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Synthetic Grass Offers A Great Alternative To Homeowners

Schools, putting greens and commercial businesses have been using artificial turf in their outdoor areas for many years because it can stand up to punishment, it requires little maintenance, and it looks beautiful. Most people don’t even realize it is fake grass until bending down to look at it.

Now homeowners can take advantage of having artificial grass installed on their yards. Installation is performed by artificial grass installers who professionally remove the old sod and use a unique process to lay down the synthetic grass so there will be no seams or movement. Pets and kids can still play on the lawn as it only needs an occasional washing to get rid of built-up dust and pet stains.

Choose Experienced Landscapers For Your Artificial Grass Product And Installation

Once you decide to get artificial grass for your home’s lawn, pick a landscaper who can give you the beautiful yard you desire while charging you affordable wholesale prices. We can help you choose the right type of turf you need whether it is for a putting green, commercial property, school yard, pet area or residential lawn. Once you have decided on a product, we can professionally install it for you as you will fall in love with your Beverly Hills lawn.